What We Do . . . The Key to Your Success

A solid partnership with our clients is the key to their success. We believe that only by harnessing an integrated media approach that includes public relations and marketing can companies and brands retain immediacy and transparency to build credibility and trust.


Press is the main goal and the ultimate end result of what Zephyr PR offers its clients. By press, we simply mean getting editorial coverage for our clients that would cover their companies and products. This editorial coverage would be both national and regional and would appear within magazines, newspapers, on television, radio, and on websites and blogs on a regular basis. Over the years, we have cultivated relationships with magazine and newspaper editors and reporters in addition to television producers, contributing writers, bloggers, and the like.


Through a highly targeted press campaign, the overall company and product benefits will get communicated to a receptive consumer base. This phase of marketing is organic as it clearly is a result of a laser-focused press approach. With custom pitches written and distributed to the media in addition to cogent press releases, email communication, and a social media platform , Zephyr PR knows that a successful marketing leg of any campaign works in tandem with a specialized and fresh press angle.

Brand Building

Branding is a multidimensional platform that can be company’s clear differentiator and competitive edge. Zephyr PR knows that successful brand building transcends one aspect and is a combination of all that has been put into a company that will ultimately set it apart from the competition. Effective communication of a company’s angle is vital to further building a brand and setting it apart from all the others. Because Zephyr PR has worked with companies from many different industries, there is an ability to effectively recognize existing trends, thus helping companies get an idea of what a product or service should look like from a consumer/outsider’s perspective.


Whether it’s for a powerful online presence in the current digital age or for a print execution, copywriting is critical for success. A product’s design, press coverage, marketing, and branding are essential key components for overall growth, however, tight and targeted copywriting is the glue that seals it all together.     Having better copy that’s synonymous with your brand and product enables you to convert more “potentials” into “real customers.”

Social Media

Within our digital-oriented world companies must have a strong and targeted social media presence in order to further overall visibility, brand building, and product recognition. We understand that social media is an effective catalyst that often takes companies and brands to the next level.